A Brief Guide For Selling Your House

Selling your house does not have to be a long or overwhelming process. Knowing what to do during the whole procedure will help you negotiate the best deal compared to having no plan. This guide can serve as your checklist through each phase of selling your house.

Plan out your finances

Before you put your house on the market, get an idea of how much it is worth. This allows you to roughly calculate the money you are left with after clearing your mortgage.

Carefully go through your mortgage contract or consult the lender to find out if you’ll have to pay early repayment fees for switching your mortgage or if can take it with you to a new property. This process is known as porting.
If you plan on moving to a more expensive home or the current mortgage deal is coming to an end then you can take this opportunity to negotiate a better deal. See here for Fourlabs.

During the early stages of your sale, the figures you will get are an estimate because you do not know how much you will sell your house for. You will only get a precise redemption, the amount outstanding figure once you have agreed on a completion date when you have swapped contracts.

Choose whether to rent, or buy a new house.

Selling your house then opting to rent in between the move can add to the overall expense for the process but can take off the pressure that comes in buying a new one. Being under a lot of pressure to sell can leave you desperate and take the first price you are offered which, can be a lot less than the actual valuation. With the pressure off you will not be rushed into buying a house below your desired standards. Selling your home, and then choosing to rent will break you out of the housing chain making you an attractive buyer

Use an estate agent to sell your house

You have the option of either selling the home yourself, using a local estate agent or even getting an online estate agent. If you go with using a local estate agent, do some research on how to choose the right one.

With the above tips, you should be able to successfully sell your house for the best price.

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