A Brief Guide To Cottage Windows

Installing cottage windows is one of the easiest and more effective ways to bring the elegance and the charm of traditional homes to modern, newly built houses.

Original cottage windows were made from wood and were subject to significant wear and tear, hence calling for frequent refurbishment works. On the contrary, modern cottage windows are made with advanced materials that make them extremely resistant to the elements. Before we go further into the article if you are interested in soundproof windows then see here.

What Are Cottage Windows?

Cottage windows are also known as Tudor or Georgian Windows. In fact, this is a broad term that describes the window style of traditional buildings. This doesn’t mean, though, they can’t suit modern buildings, as well.

Modern cottage windows come in a wide array of styles, colors, and materials. You can find them in wood, aluminium, or uPVC. Like other types of modern windows, they open either as casement (hinged, opening outwards) or as sash (with a vertical sliding panel). The feature that makes cottage windows stand out is the grid-style glass that joins together several glass squares that behave like a whole.

Ancient cottage windows allowed for draughts to enter indoor spaces. This flaw worsened with time, as wood started to warp. This is no longer an issue, as modern materials are much better than those traditional wooden frames.

Are Cottage Windows Suited To All Home Styles?

Cottage windows best suit traditional buildings. Nonetheless, this isn’t to say you can’t use them to add a touch of traditional charm to a modern home. In fact, installing cottage windows on a modern building can be the perfect way to curb its appeal and increase its market value.

Are There Any Benefits To Installing Cottage Windows?

The first and foremost benefit of installing cottage windows is that they allow you to preserve the traditional building style without having to compromise on security, thermal insulation, and durability. They make it possible for you to enjoy traditional elegance regardless of the type of building you live in.

Even though modern cottage windows look just as original ones, you can rest assured that they are way superior when it comes to security and comfort.


Thanks to their solid grid running across the glass, cottage windows are more secure than many other types of windows.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is what makes the difference between modern cottage windows and ancient ones. You can have the charm of older-style buildings and the energy efficiency and effective insulation of advanced materials at the same time.


Cottage windows are available in virtually any material and color you may think of. Each of these materials comes with its own benefits, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. After you choose your material, you’ll be presented with a wide array of colors, so it’s impossible not to find the one to match your home.

Types Of Cottage Windows

Casement Windows

One of the biggest advantages of casement windows is that they can fit just about any kind of space, regardless of its dimensions. These windows open outwards, thanks to the attached hinges. When closed, casement windows are tightly sealed.

The distinctive feature of this type of window is the Georgian bar running across the glass pane, creating the optical illusion of multiple glass squares.

Sash Windows

As their name shows, sash windows have at least one mobile panel or sashes that hold the panes of glass into place. To open a sash window, you would lift the lower pane upwards until the two panes overlap.

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