Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Have Your Cleaning Supplies in Place

I have summarized these in order of use, but I would suggest getting them all to fully focus on the cleaning and to prevent going to get more supplies in the event you realize you are out of stock of the essential ones. They go as follows:

  • Have a bag or trash can in place
  • A decluttering basket, preferably a cloth one that has handles because it can hold more and can easily be moved around.
  • 2 pads of Microfiber Mop
  • I prefer this kind of mops because the pads tend to vary the texture. The pink one is for dusting the walls, as well as dusting ceilings then the green one is for washing them.
  • At Least Have 3 Microfiber Cloths.
  • Bucket and a Cleaning Solution
  • I normally incorporate one gallon of heated water with 1 capful of Mr Clean solution and squirt Dawn soap dish. No recommended size large or small bowl will work.

Glass Cleaner. I mostly use this to clean the mirrors and my windows as well.

Dusting Polish. The type of dusting polish you use will highly depend on the material or the nature of your furniture Essential Oils. Pick a fragrance you prefer, but this is optional.

Mop and Broom or even Carpet Cleaner and Vacuum. I have several vacuums that have accumulated over the year. I still trust this vacuum is the best in the market.
Reed Diffuser or a Candle. Go for your preferred scent.
Do away with the clutter.

Collect the cabbage that is spread everywhere and dispose of it in your trash bag.

Go ahead and do away with all clutter that is visible around the room, including on the surface of the shelves floors, and dresser tops. Place everything back to where it belongs. If the stuff around the bedroom belongs somewhere, put it inside the bucket and move it later.

You can peruse through closets and drawers at this point if you want, or you can decide to deal with them during decluttering time. I normally do the decluttering of the closet and drawers right before doing major cleaning of the bedroom. If you are in need of commercial cleaning then see here.

Scrub Every Wall, Door, Doorknobs, and the Light Switches.

Go ahead and scrub your walls using a microfiber mop following your previous pattern. Be careful not to trench the mop to avoid water dripping down your walls. Not only will make everything look messy on the floor, but it also could leave patches and drips all over your walls.

Clean your light switches, doorknobs, and doors using a damp microfiber cloth.

Dust the Doors, Walls, and Ceiling.

Push away all furniture away from the walls. It is the only right way to get your microfiber on the wall without splashing water on the furniture.

Use the microfiber to clean the walls. Move-in a top-bottom left-right to avoid cleaning twice.

You will be surprised by the amount of dust that can be found on the walls, especially if they are textured.
Last but not least by least use microfiber cloth to clean doors and as well the top edges.

Clean All Lighting Spot. Ensure to dust all lighting spots.

Dust the lampshades, bulbs, and switches using a microfiber cloth. If the lighting fixtures are extra grimy soak them in soapy water or, if need be, run them through a dishwasher.

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