Call A Tree Expert To Remove Trees From Your Garden


A tree may be dying slowly if there is fungus or mushroom growing at the bottom of it. If you spot moss on the tree, it isn’t a big issue since many healthy trees are covered with moss. For instance, the rapid growth of fungus on the trunk and other parts of a tree indicates a survival issue.

Roots Near The Surface

Some trees have roots closer to the surface of the ground while others have roots that are deeply buried in the ground. If there are lots of trees in your garden with roots closer to the surface of the ground, you may have a problem. But don’t panic because it depends on the type of tree.

If you have lots of trees with surface roots, compare the tree with the same type of tree in your garden or in your neighborhood to see if there is a difference. If a tree’s roots are growing closer to the surface of the ground, the tree may find it difficult to absorb nutrients. On the other hand, such roots are more susceptible to harm from humans, lawnmowers, and even animals.

If roots of a specific tree are closer to the ground and the roots of another tree nearby aren’t, the former may be struggling to survive. You need to call a tree expert to save the tree before it is too late. For readers in Southampton if you are in need of a tree surgeon I would highly recommend you check out tree surgeons Southampton.

Root Rotting

Root rot becomes a major issue at times. When the roots of a tree start to rot, you will see dips and holes on the lawn. You will also find more fungus growing on the dead roots to decompose them.

Rotting roots create a major problem for you in a short time though you can’t immediately spot these roots. Roots are important to keep a tree stable and upright. When the roots start dying, the tree can fall over at any time.


Trees send out shoots from the base as well as other lower parts. In fact, shoots are a sign that your tree is doing everything possible to stay alive. When the upper branches of the tree disintegrate, new growth will happen as a desperate effort to survive.

Loss Of Branches

If a tree in your garden starts to shed large branches, it may indicate a hard time for the tree. The tree is usually trying its best to redirect energy to healthy parts by shedding large branches. It can be quite dangerous to a homeowner. In fact, it can damage your property or the vehicle. When you spot large branches falling off the tree, you should call a professional tree removal service to take care of the situation.

But the tree isn’t always unhealthy just because it sheds large branches. Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome can happen to trees that are quite healthy. This condition is most prevalent in trees such as elm, beech, oak, sycamore, and eucalyptus. A tree expert can tell the difference.

A Dying Trunk

Taking a closer look at a tree trunk will tell you a lot about the overall health of the tree. In case the trunk is cracked or the bark is falling off, the tree might be dying. If you knock the truck and it gives a hollow sound, it’s another sign of a dying tree. In fact, the truck of a tree plays an important role in the overall health and support of a tree. A tree with a weak trunk can suddenly collapse and cause damage to your property.

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