How Fashion Has Evolved

While it can be hard to reach a consensus when it comes to fashion, something everyone agrees on is that fashion pulls from the past. Across the last century, we’ve seen significant changes in fashion. However, trends from the past continue to resurface.

If you look back at the past, you can see trends falling in and out of fashion. Trends are always changing, but many styles don’t disappear forever.

Men and women both make fashion part of their identity. The clothes you wear change how people perceive you. If you look around, you’ll find countless sources of style inspiration, including social media, magazines, and fashions from years past. Now that a new year is upon us, we can expect to see new trends fall into favor while old trends fade away.

To get a better sense of why fashion is in the position that it’s in today, you’ll need to take a look back at some of the trends that defined fashion in specific decades. Fashion is constantly evolving, but many styles from history still feel fresh today. Before we go further into the article you may be interested in see ‘how to flatten tummy with shapewear‘.


The 1950s were a period of significant economic growth. After World War II, social norms began to skew conservative. Even though there was pressure to conform, people still found ways to rebel, particularly when it came to fashion.

Both men’s and women’s fashion saw significant changes during this time. Popular trends for women included round collars, form-fitting blouses, and shoulder pads. Popular styles for men included ties and high-waisted trousers. It was common for printed patterns to feature hand painting or beading, which made each piece distinctive.


Hats were a very popular style during this period. Audrey Hepburn was a major fashion influence. She frequently hid her short hair beneath a hat, and many women imitated this style. For men, it was common to wear hats every day. Felt hats were the most popular style. If you look back at films from this time, you’ll see many men in a uniform of a button-up shirt, a tie, high-waisted trousers, and a felt hat.

Cigarette Cases

The most popular accessory was a cigarette case. Of course, people also needed cigarettes to store in that case. At this time, people weren’t aware that smoking increased the risk of cancer. It was perceived as stylish and was a popular trend during this time.


Many historic events occurred during this decade. The 60s are best known for the rise of the counterculture. During this decade, social normals shifted in virtually every way. Not only did clothing change, but more regarding education, drugs, and sexuality changed as well. Personal freedom was something people valued highly, and to achieve that, they were willing to go through a social and artistic rebellion.

Some of the most famous events during this period include the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the rise of Martin Luther King, and San Francisco’s Summer of Love, which helped birth the hippie movement.

The Hippie Movement

There were many other events that played an important role in the hippie movement, including Woodstock, the Vietnam War, and Beatlemania. Tie-dye was seen as a way to express yourself through fashion. People tie-dyed everything they could, from their shirts to their trousers to their shoes.

Even though tie-dye was seen as a way to put a personal touch on your clothing, women in trousers were still considered to be faux pas. Instead, women opted to wear long, flowing skirts and dresses.

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