How to Dispose of Old Batteries the Right Way 

Why Can’t I Throw Away My Batteries in the Bin?

When you dispose of rubbish at your home, many items should never be thrown away into your household bin. Most individuals know what should never be disposed of in the general waste. However, even though they realize this, they are not always sure why.

A prime example of this is batteries of various types. You should never throw batteries away in your household bin in most cases. However, what is the reason for this? Below, we describe the proper way to dispose of old batteries.If you would like to learn what a APC battery is then see here.

Why Should You Not Put Batteries in a Bin?

There are two types of batteries – primary, otherwise known as one-time-use batteries, and secondary, otherwise known as reusable or rechargeable batteries. Most batteries contain harmful heavy metals. These harmful heavy metals include:

  • lead
  • mercury
  • copper
  • zinc
  • cadmium
  • manganese
  • lithium
  • potassium

These heavy metals are dangerous to both humans and the environment. They can seep into the soil and the water supply when these harmful elements are put into landfills. Therefore, putting these dangerous elements into your household bin is not safe. Once these elements are removed from trash bins and put in landfills, their hazardous chemicals will ultimately get into the water supply that everyone enjoys. Therefore, this is very dangerous for human consumption.

How Do I Properly Dispose of Batteries?

Battery banks

Many local authorities present battery banks located at supermarkets, leisure centers, and other local institutions that residents visit frequently. This allows you to drop off the batteries and have them safely recycled. All you have to do is take the batteries you want to get rid of and put them into the battery bank. That’s it! Local authorities will safely remove the batteries and recycle them. They have the tools needed to handle the batteries carefully and put them where they belong.

You Can Request a Battery Bag for Your Recycling

When one of your batteries dies, are you aware of how to dispose of it?

You probably have lots of wireless electronics in your house. Therefore, knowing what to do with your dead batteries is essential. All of this varies based on what the batteries are used for. For example, the batteries in your TV remote should be treated differently than the rechargeable or reusable batteries that exist in your digital camera or laptop. Both could be not only hazardous but illegal to dispose of, depending on where you reside. Please continue to read for more details about the various kinds of household batteries and how to get rid of them.

How Do I Dispose of Household Batteries?

Dispose of Single-Use Batteries

One of the most common household batteries is single-use batteries of any size. Chances are you have at least one of these batteries in your home. You can find single-use batteries everywhere in your home in various sizes, including AAA, AA, D-cell, 9V, etc. These are the batteries that you’ll find inside your flashlights, TV remotes, small electronics, kid’s toys, etc. If those batteries are not rechargeable, they fall into this category.

Can I throw single-use batteries into the trash bin?

Yes! Single-use batteries are currently made of common metals non-hazardous by the federal government. Before 1996, single-use batteries contained mercury and were considered hazardous waste. An exception is the button cell batteries that you find in watches. These are hazardous, and you should get rid of them like rechargeable batteries.

Can You Recycle Single Use-Batteries?

Yes! Single-use batteries can be recycled. However, a fee is accessed for recycling in most cases.

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