Popular Things To Do In The UK

I think by now many people agree that it is going to be staycation season this year.

If the pandemic has managed to do anything successfully, it is the expansion of traveling much closer to our homes!

In fact, millions of people have started to roam around closer to their backdoors than they would have normally, and I have to admit, that I have learned to enjoy the experience.

Now I don’t want to create the wrong impression since I love packing a backpack and exploring further afield, yet I also truly appreciated finding out a lot more about my own homeland over the last 15 months.

And judging from the comments I have received from my readers, I guess I am certainly not alone. See here for private hire bars London.

1 Camp In The Gower

From Wales to Scotland, the stunning Gower Peninsula is a fantastic delight, especially for campers due to its magnificent coastline, stunning walks, peaceful splendour, and historic sites.

Don’t forget to visit the iconic Worm’s Head on your trip, or the opportunities to test out those surf skills.

So if you are keen on the UK staycation train, or you are interested in finding out more, or you haven’t yet dipped your toes in and you are not sure where you should start. Here is my list of 50 bucket-list things you can enjoy in the UK to give you the inspiration that you need on where you can go and what you can do.

1 Tick London Off That Bucket List

It makes sense that ticking London off a bucket list should be a must.

This iconic city contains a range of top museums, historical sites, interesting galleries, tasty restaurants, stunning walks, and fantastic attractions, and shops. This city really does have it all.

2 Marvel At Stonehenge

This UNESCO-listed site is more than 5,000 years old and is among the most famous of structures in the world.

This ancient site deserves a day of your time to learn more about the type of people that resided in this part of the country many years ago and to marvel at what these people built.

3 Hike Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is another UNESCO site built as one of the guards for the wild north-west frontier of the Roman Empire.

Stretching 73 miles, you can choose to walk the entire length of this coastline over a 5-day adventure.

4 Road Trip To Scotland

The North Coast 500 is a famous road trip in the UK and something you should do in your lifetime.

Known as Scotland’s Route 66, the iconic drive offers amazing scenery, isolation, and whiskey tasting, providing a top-rated combination.

6 Tour Of Belfast

The well-known Belfast black taxi tours are ideal if you want to learn about the intricate history relating to this city.

Led by the locals and taking around one and half hours, these trips are among the most interesting and unique things to do in the UK.

7 Stroll The Yorkshire Dales

The UK is well-known for its stunning green areas for walks and its famous pubs, but my favorite when it comes to both categories is the amazing Yorkshire Dales.

An incredible place and national park for hikes along with delightful villages scattered throughout the area have also added appeal and charm to this space.

I also highly recommend Haworth and Malham, which are both fantastic gems!

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