Product Labelling and Packaging Explained

Packages and labels communicate how to use, recycle, transport, or dispose of products. Product packaging covers the shape of the package, material used, brand logos and so on. On the other hand, labelling is focused on the product’s written or informative section.

Pre-Packed Food Labelling

Food labels are required on all prepackaged foods, and they must include specific obligatory information. Generally, speaking, all food is regulated by food labelling regulations and any labelling provided must be accurate and not deceptive.

Note that product-specific regulations apply to some foods, including:

• nectars, fruit juice, and honey
• milk products
• cocoa and chocolate-related goods
• Soluble coffee
• infant formula
• jams and marmalade
• flour and bread
• fish and meat products e.g, pies, burgers and sausages
• natural mineral waters
• spreadable fats
• foods that have been irradiated or genetically modified (GM)
• sugars

What Should Be Included

Food labels and packaging must have the following information by law:

Name of the Food

The food’s name must be clearly mentioned and not deceptive. If there is a legal name for something, it must be utilized. A custom name can, however, be used in the absence of a legal name.

This could be a brand name that has become well-known among consumers through time. A descriptive name for the food must be provided if there is no customary name. If you are a company looking to get food labels then I would highly recommend that you see Label Solutions.

The name has to be descriptive enough to tell the customer of the genuine nature of the food and to distinguish it from other goods with which it may be confused. The majority of products will fall into this category and will require a descriptive name.

If the product has been processed in any manner, the term must be mentioned e.g. ‘dried fruit’ or ‘salted peanuts’. Any food that has been altered in some way during preparation is considered processed.

List of Ingredients

If your food product contains two or more ingredients (including water and additives), they must all be listed under the title ‘Ingredients’ or an appropriate heading that includes the word ‘ingredients.’

Ingredients must be mentioned in weight order, with the principal component listed first, based on the amounts required to prepare the cuisine. Some items, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, carbonated drinks, and single-component foods, are excluded from the requirement to display an ingredient list.

Information on Allergens

Any of the 14 allergens that are required by law to be declared as ingredients in a food product must be identified and highlighted in the ingredients list. These should be emphasized by using a different background colour, style, font, or bolding the text.

This allows consumers to learn more about the components in packaged meals, which is beneficial for persons who suffer from food allergies or intolerances.

Quantitative declaration of ingredients (QUID)

In some cases, the quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients used in the manufacture or preparation of a food must be stated on the label in percentage terms. The % quantity should appear in or adjacent to the food’s name, or in the ingredient list.

Unless specifically exempted, it applies to all items with more than one component, including beverages. It also applies to items that are not required to identify their components. The ingredient quantity for these products will need to be listed near the product name. It applies when:

  • An ingredient is included in the products name
  • When an ingredient is emphasised in the graphics or words
  • When certain foods can be easily confused

Wind Up

What makes particular brands and products stand out to you? It’s because of their unique labelling, logo, and design. Labelling and packaging are however so much more valuable than marketing. They inform consumers of the ingredients, product name, processing and many others that they need to know about to stay healthy and safe!

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