Skills Needed For A Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver

Many people only require a little training and practice to drive a car. However, one will need a special set of skills to operate an HGV successfully. HGV drivers do more than take a car from one end to another. If you want to find out if you can qualify to work as an HGV driver, well, it is time to see the top tips needed to make one a competent HGV driver:

1. Self-Sustenance And Ability To Function Freely

Many people attracted to personal freedom goals are likely to love HGV driving, especially when covering long distances. Many workers worldwide wish they could have a job description that allows them to remain in total control of their driving and spend most of their working days by themselves.

People who enjoy holding long conversations and enjoy a busy work environment may struggle to fit in a normal day of HGV driving. As an HGV driver, expect to spend long hours while driving alone. This means you have to enjoy being alone and taking over all the responsibilities of the truck and the goods you are transporting.

2. Always Aware Of The Space Around You

If you are naturally a keen consumer of space, regardless of your environment, you might encounter little or no problem at all when steering an HGV in small spaces. If you are more spatially aware of your environment, you will be better when you have to drive through a narrow thoroughfare, anticipating hazards like street objects or other road users.

It is easy to get used to viewing the road and the world from the driving seat, which may contribute to attention lapse for most drivers.

3. Technical Skills

You do not have to master everything about car mechanical engineering—however, understanding how your vehicle functions are key when dealing with unexpected occurrences or breakdowns. Most significantly, it helps if you possess sufficient knowledge to help you anticipate problems before they occur. That way, you can deal with vehicular breakdowns much easily and take a shorter time. If you are looking for CPC training then see here.

4. Always Having A Calm Head

While on the road, there are countless instances likely to vex your spirit and spin your head and emotions out of control, such as an arrogant and poor road user. However, it would be best if you had a cool head and the ability to calm your blood pressure to survive and succeed in this industry. A calm head and good anger management are good for your overall health and success on the road. Otherwise, you are likely to spend unnecessary time and cover extra distances if you cannot handle or share the road with poor drivers and elderly road users.

5. Learn To Take Responsibility

All good HGV drivers have a strong sense of responsibility all the time they are at work. For instance, if some goods on transit were to get damaged due to reckless or negligent behavior of the driver, then it is clear the driver needs to take responsibility. The driver’s employer is likely to quickly resolve the matter if the driver can take responsibility for their acts of omission or commission.

6. Sharpness And Alertness On The Road

An HGV driver must make their share of split-second decisions while on the motion on the road. These are decisions likely to affect other motorists and must be arrived at from a position of mental alertness all the time. That way, the driver must rest when necessary to remain mentally sharp for all tasks on the road.

A tired driver is a big road hazard waiting to happen; falling asleep while on the road can cause a lot of damage to the HGV driver themselves, as well as other motorists.

7.Good Customer Relations Skills

As an HGV driver, you must know how to relate and serve your customers well. Essentially, they are a big part of why you are shipping the goods in your vehicle. How you associate with the customers will affect your company’s ability to attract and retain customers. This is why you have to always be at the top of your customer service game.

8. Physical Stamina

Sometimes as an HGV driver, you may need to load and unload goods from your vehicle, some of which can be heavy, requiring significant body strength. That is not all. You need body stamina if you are to withstand long driving hours. Any back pain or body issues will affect your ability to drive comfortably or manage long-distance trips.

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