The Main Differences Between Tennis and Badminton

The Main Differences Between Tennis and Badminton

If you have ever taken the time to compare the games of tennis and badminton, you will see many similarities. These sports are going to be played on a two-sided court, and both are going to use rackets.

There are differences that are very noticeable between the two sports, and you may want to consider these as you are deciding which one to play.

Both games do use rackets, yet in the game of tennis, fuzzy green or yellow balls are going to be struck back and forth, whereas birdie use or shuttlecock are used in the game of badminton.

There are competitive games that can be played, involving single players on each side, or people for the game of doubles.

A maximum of two players can be on one side of the net in the game of tennis, whereas up to six people can play on one side of the badminton court. If you are planning some type of gathering, such as a family reunion, badminton might be the game to play.

Rules and scoring differences

Tennis is a game that involves hitting a ball back and forth, a ball that can only land one time on the court during any volley, whereas bad does not allow the shuttlecock to land at all.

The numbers 11, 15, and also 21, are used when scoring badminton traditionally. In the game of tennis, words are used to describe the scoring including love, deuce, advantage, and also the numbers of 15, 30, and 40.


Each of these games can be very tiring. On badminton courts, you will notice that they are smaller than tennis courts, so a great deal of exertion by comparison is spent playing the game of tennis. The height of the net is also going to be different; measuring 5 feet in height, the badminton net is much higher than the tennis net which is situated adjacent to the ground.

When learning about badminton and tennis, you may want to do a great deal of study before pursuing these sports. If you have ever wondered how to build a padel tennis court then see here.

The speed of a ball versus a shuttlecock

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, a badminton birdie has been hit at a speed of 264 mph, Yet in the game of tennis, a ball can only be up to 163 mph. Therefore, in the game of badminton, there is a great deal of speed.

Tennis versus badminton in regard to the weight of the rackets
The rackets in the game allow the players to hit the ball or shuttlecock back and forth. The design of the rackets is also going to be different along with the total weight.

Most tennis rackets will weigh 13 ounces or 365 g at a maximum. Tennis great Roger Federer’s tennis racket weighs just over 12 ounces, whereas Murray’s racket is slightly lighter.

A badminton racket is only going to way about 80 g, perhaps going all the way up to 100 g in total weight. The “U” that you find on a badminton racket will disclose how much it weighs. You can go to this page for more information.

Earning differences

Tennis players, when compared to badminton players, make more money. If you look at the chart that is provided, you will see the top 5 richest players in these sports. There is a significant difference is you will see when comparing the two charts.

The least rich tennis player actually earns more than the richest badminton player. In fact, a badminton player is going to learn 8.5 times less than the richest person playing the game of tennis.

Penetration rate

If you do a calculation of the penetration rate of total participants, divided by the world population, you can get an interesting figure. First of all, you are going to notice that there are not a lot of countries!

When first looking at tennis, you will see something interesting. It is only played primarily in Australia, the United States, and Europe. The total population found in these three countries is:

  • Australia: 25 million
  • Europe: 780 million
  • USA: 327 million

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