Top Tips For Becoming An HGV Driver

With some practice and training, most people can learn how to drive a car. However, having the ability to drive an HGV takes a special type of person. These individuals do not merely point A to point B drivers. Do you believe you have what it takes to be an HGV driver? Read our top ten tips below on how to become the best HGV driver.

Able to work independently and self-sufficient

One of the main attractions to driving an HGV is having personal freedom, especially driving long distances. Many workers envy having complete control over their vehicle and driving and the opportunity to be alone for most of the day. If you are the kind of person who needs a busy workplace and constant conversation to get through your day, then you might struggle with this type of career. Quite often HGV drivers drive alone for long periods of time and must be able to deal with being alone and being completely responsible for their truck along with the goods they are transporting

Spatially aware

You will not have difficulties maneuvering an HGV within tight spaces if you are naturally attuned to the world surrounding you. Whether it anticipating potential hazards such as pedestrians or street furniture or navigating yourself along narrow streets, it can be very helpful to be someone who is spatially aware. A majority of drivers will quickly catch on to what is happening around their HGV.

Technically literate

It is not necessary to be a mechanic. However, when something unexpected occurs, it is helpful if you have a good understanding of your HGV. Even more importantly, those skills will help you detect problems before they arise, so you will be able to act quickly and avoid experiencing a long delay while repairs are being done.

Remain calm

If each time a driver does something stupid your blood pressure shoots up sky-high, then a driving career may not be the best option for you. In addition to being bad for your health, it is essential for HGV drivers to be able to control their anger. It needs to be second nature to expect others to be poor drivers and give them plenty of space and time (especially elderly, new, and learning drivers).

Sense of responsibility

It is important for HGV drivers to feel responsible. If goods become damaged due to how a driver was driving and it was clear to everyone then the best thing to do is take responsibility. This will look much better than lying to an employer or anyone else.

Stay Alert

HGV drivers must always be alert and have the ability to respond quickly to driving conditions and the road that they encounter. They need to make sure they are well-rested and can handle the job. There can be a major potential hazard if this is not done since a half-asleep driver behind the wheel can cause dangers to others out on the road as well as themselves.

Customer service skills

It is essential for HGV drivers to have outstanding customer service skills whenever they are dealing with clients receiving or shipping goods in their vehicles. It is critical to be on top of your game since you are the face of your company.


If you are thinking that maybe becoming an HGV driver is for you then you will probably want to check out HGV training. HGV drivers need to have good stamina to be able to load and unload goods. There are some goods that can be quite heavy, so someone strong is needed to be able to unload the goods without any problems. Drivers also need to have plenty of stamina for the long stretches of driving that are involved in a trip. Ideally, that means they should not have any back problems that could cause sudden pain while driving which could distract them.


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