Treating Stationary Curtains

If you’ve made a decision to treat your windows using draperies or curtains, you’ll want to assess every window in your home to get a suitable solution. A specific kind of curtain style doesn’t function properly for all types of windows. Depending on what you are looking for (privacy and light), budget and convenience, you can go for either a stationary or operable curtain style.

Stationary curtains are a great way to revamp your windows as well as highlight your space. As the name implies, these curtains aren’t functional which suggests that they cannot be closed or opened. They are primarily attractive window treatments with immovable side panels flanking the windows on each side.

Make Windows Seem Wider

Stationary curtains have the ability to make your narrow and weirdly shaped windows look wider. To achieve this, you only need to prolong the length of your curtain hardware past your window’s width and suspend these curtains on every side. The curtains will offer some framing on both window sides in such a manner that the window glass is fully left uncovered. Having ample wall space on every side of the windows is preferable if you want to create the desired guise.

You can either utilize two small stationary rods or a full-length rod or panels fitted on both ends of the window. In case your stationary curtains come with hooks or rod pockets, you can select an average metal rod; if the curtains have got rings stitched onto the curtain header, a thin pole rod can be used. Elbow rods with tiny curtain finials on every side provide a much better option for these curtains compared to bulky pole rings with large finials. Alternatively, if you prefer blinds over curtains take a look at ‘target blinds‘.

Frame Amazing Outside Views

If your house features ceiling height windows or big windows that allow for spectacular outdoor scenery, stationary curtains are the perfect option for you. Go for sheer panels since the fabric will not obscure the view. Note that this is an excellent option if you reside in a serene location, situated in a shielded courtyard where privacy isn’t a major concern.

Frame Radiators Beneath Windows

Using radiators to treat windows is not an easy task. Among the best methods to do so is by covering the windows with a shade and drooping stationary curtain dandling from a rod on every side. While the shade will offer light control and privacy, the curtains on the other hand will include a frame to the radiator without hampering its functionality. They will also add a soft texture and appeal to the adjacent walls and the surrounding space in general. Check more methods you can use to cover windows using radiators below.

Balance the Colour Scheme of Your Room

This benefit of using stationary panels is often left unexplored. They can be utilized to give an accent colour to your space and/or lighten the bold colours of window treatments or walls. For instance, you can create a beautiful design with a more cohesive appearance in your living space with big windows by combining stationary curtains with shade. Select a bright colour for the shade that aligns or highlights the colours of your table cloths, throw pillows, cushions, etc. When it comes to the stationary curtains you’ll use, choose a colour that corresponds to your furniture and upholstery things.

When doing a window treatment, always take into account the features of your windows. If you don’t know where to begin, get in touch with us for a complimentary in-house consultation.

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