When You Need To Call A Professional Plumber

A lot of plumbing repairs are do-it-yourself fixes. When your plumbing is experiencing low water pressure, you can do various things like cleaning off the showerhead, checking your valve, and more. When you find a leak sprouting underneath your sink, you can tighten the trap or even buy a new one and replace it. While there are so many different things you may be able to handle on your own, that doesn’t mean you should go after all plumbing problems without experts. How do you know when it’s time to call a professional? Below, you will learn some of the times it’s necessary to call on a professional with experience.

You Have a Rapid Leak From Your Supply Line

This is one of the more dramatic moments that will cause you to have to call on a professional plumber. When you suffer from a water line burst and experience major flooding because of it, you need a professional on deck. While it’s not at all that common, it does happen. And when this disaster strikes, you need all hands on deck and a professional to guide you along the way. For readers who needs plumbing supplies see ‘Plumbing Supplies 24‘.

Firstly, you need to look for any valves that you can shut off. Ideally, you want to know where these are before disaster strikes. That way, you can immediately access them and shut them off to mitigate the damage. If you have luck, you’ll find the valve that shuts off all of the water in that area. If not, locate the main valve that shuts off all of the water supply throughout the house. Once you do this, you can then call on a professional plumber for emergency assistance.

You Don’t Have Water

If you experience an instance where the water stops flowing in your home, it’s likely to be localized. Meaning, you’ll experience a shower that doesn’t turn on or a faucet. It’s rare to experience situations where the water stops flowing everywhere in your home.

If you experience this, you’ll want to check all of the water outlets in your home. Do this to ensure that nothing is getting water. Do this with both cold and hot supplies. Sometimes, you may have a malfunction with your water heater which causes hot water to stop. However, if you are experiencing the same with your cold water supply, it’s time to worry.

If you’re unable to get water running, it’s time to call on a professional. It means you have a serious problem in your home that needs to be addressed. It could be that you have a buried water pipe that’s been cut or damaged in some way. It could also be that you have a leak that’s impacting your water meter. Regardless, it’s not a job you want to go to alone. You need someone with experience looking at the issue.

You Have a Rapidly Draining Line Leak

If you have either a bathroom or kitchen sink that is leaking directly underneath the countertop, it’s likely not a big deal. These are common issues and a lot of homeowners have the requisite knowledge and tools to adequately fix them. To do so, you simply need to turn off the water to that line and replace the malfunctioning trap. For kitchens, you could have a leak that is coming from your garbage disposal. If so, you may need to look at replacing it.

However, some drainage lines aren’t necessarily accessible. If they are far beneath the sink cabinets, you won’t be able to do it alone. If you have a line that is leaking rapidly and it’s sealed and inaccessible, it’s time to call on a professional. You need to call on an emergency plumber that can help you right away. The longer you wait, the more damage that is likely to occur. By acting swiftly, you can mitigate the damage to everything including your subfloor, drywall, and floor covering.

You Notice Gaseous Odors

This is a big one that you need to look out for. If you notice a bad smell coming from your yard or even your toilet, it’s time to call on a plumber. Blockages in sewer lines can be a big problem that you don’t want to attempt to deal with on your own. Likewise, you don’t want to ignore it. While you could potentially dig up a sewer line on your own and try to fix or replace it, the work is tedious, tiresome, and potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.